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Best Wings in Hong Kong!

Our mission is simple – to make the best chicken wings in HK! Our wings are developed from endless research and traditional recipes from Adrian’s grandma (who makes the dopest wings). Our menu is influenced by the US & HK, we want to infuse the local flavours to create something exciting, wonderful and unique.

The Wingman Team  

New Restaraunt- Wan Chai!

Located in the hip Ship Street, a 2 floors light industrial vibe with music & of course – chicken as the theme. Equiped with nostagic but stylish neon colour scheme. Designed to chill & get away from the busy HK hustle.

Address: G/F, 33 Ship Street, Wan Chai. (Near Queens Road East) 

Opening Hours: 12PM – 11PM (Mon – Fri) | 12- 4PM , 6-11PM (Sat & Sun) 

Phone: 2669 9309


Located in the heart of Central, our cozy hidden gem is offering something truly special in HK!

Address: 6/F, Cheung Hing Building, 37 Cochrane Street, Central, HK

Phone: 3426 2418

Opening Hours: 12PM – 11PM (Mon – Fri) | 12- 4PM , 6-11PM (Sat & Sun) 

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How to order?

Order on Deliveroo or come and pick it up!

Central Takeaway contact: 3426 2418
Wan Chai Takeaway contact: 2669 9309

Central Whatsapp: 9607 5500

Deliveroo delivery zone: Central + Wan Chai 

Wan Chai Central

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Catering Menu & Order

WAN CHAI Catering Menu & Order

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6/F, Cheung Hing Commercial building, 37-43 Cochrane Street

3426 2418

Wan Chai

G/F, 33 Ship Street

2669 9309


Our Flavors

Thai Chili Sauce and Crispy Garlic

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce with Dried Garlic

California style

In California we like to cover ours with chopped raw garlic, parsley, and grated parmesan cheese, you usually see this on french fries but equally as good on wings.


Deep fried wings covered in a tangy, buttery hot sauce


Deep fried wings and covered in a dry rub of Spices, These wings are best for people who do not want a mess, they are spicy, and have an awesome flavor.

Lemon Pepper

Lemon with Black Pepper to give you that "Zing"!

Hoisin Glazed with Sesame

Deep fried wings covered in a sweet hoisin and honey sauce, sprinkled with black sesame

Singapore "Zing"

Hello from Singapore! Chili crab style!

Carolina Reaper

Deep fried wings covered the worlds hottest chili “The Carolina Reaper” a cross between a Habanero and a Ghost Chili. This is mixed into a tangy hot sauce to create a fiery concoction. Use caution were hitting over 1.5 Million SHU on the Scoville Scale.

Ranch Dry Rub

Some people like to dip in Ranch, We have both, We cover in a Tangy Spiced Dry rub similar flavor to Ranch Dressing

Let's Get Some Wings!

Wings that might give you orgasmic explosions.

December 18, 2019

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November 18, 2019

Young Master X Wingman Hot Wings Challenge Party!

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August 29, 2019

Catering Order on our website!

Order For your Parties On Our Website NOW! Remenber to let us know what you…

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FB Messenger | 3426 2418

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Meet Our Team

The family that turns dreams into reality with their hardwork and GOOD VIBES!

Jack (Hi, my name is Jack)

Janitor #1

Jack is the #1 janitor at Wingman, really bad at maths. Sometimes he has great ideas, sometimes he cook, most of the time he does marketing and eats chicken wings.

His fav' flavors: Lemon & Pepper, Mongolian BBQ, Singapore Zing
Top 3 Musicians: Arctic Monkeys, FKJ, Tom Misch
Fav Hobby - Photography

Elliot (illiot)

#1 Kitchen helper

Elliot loves his cooking, always dreamed to be a chef. He has great ideas about wings recipes. If he is not in the kitchen, he will be in the office making sure the business doesn't fall apart.

His fav' flavors: Hoisin, Singapore Zing, Lemon Pepper

Baz (Big Bao)


Baz got attitudes, you can feel it in his creation (Singapore Zing, Bahn Bao and Avo Wrap and many more....) He is too tall for our kitchen, his love for wings led him to our family. He has been with us from day 1. OG

Jane (Baby Jane)

Floor Star

Jane is full of energy, she doesn't take no as an answer and will always make sure you are happy. She is full of passion and constantly developing her self.

Her fav' flavors: Cali style
Top 3 fav musician: Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson
Fav hobby: Dance

Ashma (M416)

Boss Chef

Ashma rocks PubG, she also rocks the kitchen. She don't take NO for an answer. She is responsible for our creative saladias.

Her favourite flavours are Cajun, Singapore Zing, Mongolian BBQ!
Favourite artists: Westlife

Rocky (General Rockmeister)

Floor Star

Rocky is the Rock of Wingman, you will find him blocking the hallway when you enter the restaraunt. He has a great personality and will leave every single customer with the biggest smile on their faces.

His favourite flavs are Singapore Zing, Cajun and Carolina Reaper
His favourite artists are: Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars


Floor Star

Cedrine might be quiet when you first meet her, 5 mins later you would think she is a cat. She cracks everyone up in the team all day every day!

Her fav' flavors: Cajun, Mongolian, Buffalo
Top 3 fav musician: Paramore, John Mayer, Sam Smith
Fav hobby: Painting (in a high pitch voice), annoying people, the 1-2 SLAP

Jen (Machine Gun Jennie)

Floor Star

Jen's attitude is what makes her so special, she is also very into her hygiene. She loves her art and her creativity is well appreciated at Wingman!

Her favourite flavours are Cajun, Singapore Zing, Mongolian BBQ!
Favourite artists: Herself