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今個聖誕諗咗食咩未? 無論係你同朋友開p有好或者同你嘅愛人一齊過. 今個聖誕節casual食, Wingman推出咗一個聖誕大餐, 有我哋最新推出嘅Homemade煙燻豬仔骨! 套餐包括雞翼甜品同埋飲品! 可以堂食或者外賣!

▪️半份豬仔骨 (四川麻辣/ 燒烤味)
▪️兩個甜品(Lemon Tart, Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu)

Just in time for Christmas🌲 Check out our amazing dinner set, you get 18 wings + Half a rack of ribs + 2 desserts + 2 drinks at just $516! This is available from now to the end of Jan. Available for both dine-in & takeaway!

Our new smoked-ribs are limited every day, with 6 hours in the smoker, we made some very proud ribs with 2 flavors: Wingman BBQ / Szechuan Mala Style😎. Chef Baz made our very own Wingman BBQ sauce too, we highly recommend it!

▪️18 wings (3 flavours)
▪️1/2 Rack smoked ribs (Szechuan Mala / Wingman BBQ)
▪️2 house drinks
▪️2 desserts (Lemon Tart, Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu)


Central: 3426 2418
Wan Chai: 2669 9309

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