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Wingman自家製煙燻豬仔骨😎🥳, 用咗六個鐘煙燻大家食落去有一陣香嘅燒烤味, 食落去厚肉多汁. 點上我哋自家製嘅燒烤醬. 今個聖誕你同一班朋友一定會食到舐舐手指😋. 我哋用咗好耐來研製呢個產品! 希望大家都可以試一試, 每日嘅分店只有限量嘅豬仔骨! 為咗確保大家一定買到, 建議大家喺我哋網站一日之前訂購.

▪️單叫 (外賣☑️)
- 半份$168, 一份 $298)

▪️雞翼放題追加 (每枱)
半份+$128, 一份 +$248

▪️聖誕二人大餐 $516 (外賣☑️)


Just in time for Christmas🌲, our new baby is now available! 6 hours in the smoker, we made some very proud ribs with 2 flavors: Wingman BBQ / Szechuan Mala Style😎. Chef Baz made our very own Wingman BBQ sauce too, we highly recommend it! The ribs are available dine-in as:

▪️A la carte (Takeaway ☑️)
-1/2 rack = $168 | Full Rack = $298)

▪️Add on with all you can eat wings package :
1/2 Rack: +$128 (per table)
Full Rack: +$248 (per table)

▪️Christmas Special Dinner set for two: $516 (Takeaway ☑️)


Central: 3426 2418
Wan Chai: 2669 9309

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Wingman BBQ

Made with our own very homemade BBQ sauce! Classic western style

Szechuan Mala

Our own take on the traditional ribs and making it an Asian favourite spicy ribs!


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