Classic Buffalo!

We keep it real with Frank's and added our small improvement to it!

Thai Sweet Chili

Thai inspired goodness

Fried chicken goes hand to hand with this classic flavour! Sweet and sour!

California style

Cali Cali

It's a ting, if you are into garlic and cheese!

Salted Egg Yolk

Homemade salted egg

We cured salted eggs for a week and make our own golden salted egg sauce with salted egg shaving on top.

Carolina Reaper

Reaps your soul

It is our spiciest on-menu wing flavours, but it is tasty which is both FUN & satisfying!

Singapore Zing

Flavorful AF

It is inspired by a Netflix food series, Singapore chili crab! Slightly spicy packed with a punch!

Japanese Katsu


Local HK's favourite when it comes to Japanese curry, this is the only wing we use as a batter. It is special, crunchy and mesmerizing!

Hoisin Honey Glazed

Peaking duck inspired

Shout out to this sweet baby, it is one of the most popular and OG amonst our wings. Sticky sweetness!

Mongolian BBQ

The Szechuan spice king

Inspired by local's loved Szechaun food and childhood memories of Beijin street BBQ skewers. It is a very aromatic spice goes perfectly with our wings!


Classic Western

It is like the sour cream flavoured crisp! Ranch dressing is one of our best selling wings!


Classic American BBQ taste

One of our first flavours and with a bit of lime it elevates this classic US BBQ flavour to the next level!

Honey Wasabi

Another Oishi!

Wasabi on a wing, yes you read that right! It is one of our new flavours and it has been well received!

Carribean Jerk


Jerk chicken is a renowned flavour across the world, we are excited to launch this recnetly. Garnished with pineapple, smoky and sweet!

Tandoori Spice

Spice it up!

We have our dear friends at Spice Mkt to develop this naughty classic curry flavour! Served with homeamde mint yogurt!

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