Proudly present: Wings Gai Bo

The only bowl you need for the rest of winter to keep you warm!

I hated the chicken bones in Gai Bos every winter, feels like you never get enough the chicken meat. So I thought why don’t we put our delicious wings and combine it with the most loved winter dish in HK.

To keep it traditional we researched into how to make it with the most authentic recipe. The only challenge was how we make our wings adapt to this completely new cooking method.
Chef Bas and Chef Ashma finally have figured it out and look at it! Aint it so beautiful?? (tears dropped)

Launch date: 29th Nov Serving size: 8 wings / 16 wings Price: $88 / $188

Need booking in advance, limited daily

Throw back!

Katsu Curry Wings

We always wanted to try some batter on our wings, we decided to use panko crumbs as the batter to create that light but crunchy bite!

Mixing with our own Japanese Curry style sauce, we take the memory lane back to school when we used to have those Japanese pork cutlet curry.


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